NET CFC® conducts projects with CAD, CAM, Solidworks and SIMUFACT simulations for product design and development while using CAD/CAM and CNC technologies for multi-stage mold design and production.

Our Engineering and Design departments are closely following technological developments in the industry. Our continuous improvement and development teams consist of experienced employees who are able to bring technological developments into practice in fastener production, mold design and design of special fasteners.

Targeting the minimized input of raw material Net CFC uses up-to-date multistage heading machines with up to six forming stations.

Since 1992 the ERP system is used in production planning for a cost-effective material/machine usage and resource planning. In 2019, NET CFC® implemented CANIAS® ERP system which is a proven ERP Management tool for fastener production.

NET CFC® employees know the value of lifetime learning, increasing manufacturing capabilities and enlarging our industry know-how, by planning our operations on long terms perspectives.

NET CFC® has always prioritized high customer satisfaction and shapes its future targets in order to become a leading tailor-made fastener manufacturer by producing customer-focused solutions.