Heat treatment of the products takes place in process-stable equipment which uses the latest heat treatment technologies and tested according to ISO 898-1. Regular audits and continuous improvement studies enable us to comply with CQI-9 conditions. Dephosphating is applied prior to the heat treatment to prevent the formation of the Delta-Ferrite structure, which is likely to occur in the bolts.

With the investment realized in the heat treatment unit in 1994, the capacity reached up to 1000 kg/hour. In 2006, the modernization of the BBI furnace was carried out. In line with the new investments, the company's heat treatment capacity has reached to 2500 kg/hour.

In 1993, in line with the increasing demand of the automotive industry, Dacromet Coating had been licensed by NET CFC for the first time in Turkey. Afterward, the company has decided to outsource the licensed coatings as a strategy.

Surface coating to protect against corrosion and provide locking such as Zn-Ph*, Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni, Zinc, Zintek®, Magni®, Hot-Dip Galvanizing, DeltaProtekt®, Geomet®, Micro Capsulated Thread Locking and Plastic Patch Locking are carried out for NET CFC by approved and strictly monitored service companies who are specialized in their fields. (*: In-House)