Net Cıvata commits executing the following items in the direction of the objectives regarding environmental subjects in whole operations on the manufacturing of fasteners such as screws, rivets, and studs.



The most important aspects of our quality policy are:

The fast and efficient attention for our customers, maintaining close collaboration with them, technically advising and fulfilling all specifications when providing them our products.

Listen to the customer, enabling us to meet their needs.

The compliance of market demands as a fundamental requirement in the manufacture of our products.

The quick and effective management of possible claims of clients, giving an image of seriousness and concern for their problems.

The participation of all departments of the company in analyzing the existing problems, defining corrective and preventive actions that allow us to continuous improvement.

The use of manufacturing equipment and perfectly controlled inspections, in order to prevent errors in our products.

Quality control of raw materials and finished products through inspection and testing.

Conducting internal audits to ensure the maintenance of the quality system and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our policy on quality is understood by all staff members and they are fully committed to implementing all the requirements of our documented quality management system procedures.

All staff is aware of the importance of giving the customer complete satisfaction, by addressing the customers’ requirements including after sales activities where appropriate.



Managing the whole environmental aspects that the emission, wastewater, and waste oil are always having the priority.

Performing activities to reduce climate changes, prevent environmental pollution and enhance and disseminate environmental awareness and using the advanced raw- material, Technologies and Methods that are eco-friendly in whole operations.

Aiming to protect natural resources; reusing, recycling and increasing energy conservation.

Procuring and following up the current legal and other regulations (including customer specifications) and abiding by them.

Sufficient Training of employees considering current conditions and providing continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Orienting employees within the organization and on behalf of the organization to create environmental awareness.

To increase customer satisfaction with the risks and opportunities that may affect the delivery and suitability of the services.

Announcing our environmental policy to our employees, customers, subcontractors, and the public.