Net Civata is renominated as A-Grade Supplier for Fiat Turkey.

Net Civata is renominated as A-Grade Supplier for Fiat Turkey:

"Despite the difficult economic conditions worldwide, the Fiat brand achieved a market share of 15,9% of Turkey's total car and light commercial vehicle market in 2019. Throughout the year, thanks to your cooperation, we made our signature to this success. In 2020, we aim to continue pioneering the developing sector while maintaining our current achievements. The Supply Chain, which consists of weekly delivery performance, SQP performance and management evaluation during the year, reports that your company performance is in the "A" performance group. By 2020, we would like you to continue to be among the "Changemakers" of our supply chain by raising the bar. We wish you success in 2020, when we especially need the performance, which we are accustomed to seeing from you and your team, and we see a good example in 2019. In this performance journey, as Tofaş, we declare that we are ready for any kind of support."